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BeautyglowgetterSeptember 7, 2020

We are all trying to squeeze in as much sunshine as we can,  before the colder season settles in. Alfresco dining can  be a fun way to do so.  To make the most of the sunny weather, I recommend a laid back outdoor dinner. A few weeks ago  I put together a  small dinner and  decorated the outdoor table with flowers,  I think this helped to give a summery vibe and what’s better than a few flowers? Well, more flowers, of course  the centre of the table was filled with flowers from one end to the other. Some may see this as a bit over the top but using a mixture of  different sized wine bottles, jam jars and pasta sauce jars as vases and candle holders created a pretty but relaxed table setting .

There are a few things that make us associate our  most chilled out summer memories in the way  eating our meals outside does. This year, this has been  truer  than ever with the way things have gone. We have not been able to  freely enjoy our usual  outdoor drinking and dining spots  in the same way  we’ve been able to  in the past years due to lockdown limits.  Instead of being able to just head out  to a pub garden or a sunny roof top bar terrace for dinner, a great way to bring  a similar atmosphere to your home is to put in a little effort with your outdoor table decor.

You do not have to use matching sets of furniture or crokery, your outdoor dining area can  feature a combination of textures , tones and designs such as  having a stone table and a doily table runner. I am not an expert or anything like that,  but mixing texures makes the decor look  more relaxed and gives a natural look. If need be, remember to furnish  the area with stylish weather-resistant chair covers, after all in this country even when its warm the weather can still be unpredictable.  My outdoor table is not  long but the size works well for entertaining small groups. It  sort of mimics a stone style design that allows freedom to decorate the table with an earthy aesthetic, boho or romantic style. I have noticed that the  more neutral  your table colour is , the more freedom you have to go all out with bright colours if you want to.

Colour is always a great way to add personality or a theme to your night.  I anchored the table with a light doily table runner  for a bit of  a vintage feel ;  then layered the table with patterned napkins. It is not always neccessary to follow traditional  table setting styles but I have always liked the way the table looks  when set with a charger plate under the dinner plate . Some people love the idea of using place cards when they are hosting a dinner party but I tend to think its best to allow people to sit wherever they want to. If I was to invite a group of people that did not all  know each other I would most likely pop to Hobby Craft and buy some hand painted style designs. Nothing too fussy more so to be used as an icebreaker if needed.

I personally find thet creating an outdoor dining room atmosphere within your back garden, works best with informal  laid back accessories such as using empty wine bottles as candle holders.  Plain linens and lively flowers give an air of elegance to the space but also look pretty enough to impress your guests without you having to blow your budget. Splashing the table  with lush  blooms of jewel toned flowers always looks warm and inviting.  You can if you feel it works with your theme forgo plain white crokery with a for a mix of  pastel coloured plates and glasses.  For added colour I used mauve coloured glasses from Kate Alice  along with  contrasting pink , green blue  coloured plates.  I sometimes think the more  outside the box the dinnerware is the more natural and relaxed the table looks.  I decided to stick to the silver flatware though,  just to  ground the different colour schemes I had on the table.

I guess the most important thing to remember is that the table set up and the atmosphere  should feel relaxed, there are no rules.  Feel free to lay the table with what  you love, and what you are drawn to, it should not feel like you had to go through a lot of labour just to set the table. Make both the table and the evening your own and don’t forget to have fun!



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