Beauty Tips | How To Use A Jade Roller

BeautyglowgetterJanuary 5, 2019

If you are on instagram following any beauty  influencers like I do, you will have noticed those beauty accounts that put out posts with the most surreal looking beauty products ever! Half the time it feels like someone is just taking the mickey out of us and it is not actually real, because it simply cannot work. …Right? Like that one time a beauty guru used teeth flossing sticks to apply her eyeliner. 

The Jade Roller is one of those beauty and skincare products that simply seems to good to be true. Right off the bat, it sounds incredibly fancy, mystical, and different and those features are enough to put anyone off its trail so that they can tread in more familiar waters instead of branching out. But if you still have that ray of curiosity asking you how a Jade Roller is actually supposed to work, here is your answer: let’s take an elaborate look at how exactly you can use a Jade Roller.


Jade Rollers are the latest fad in the beauty world and rightly so, considering just how gorgeous as well as useful the little tools are. Finding their origin in Chinese skincare, these small handheld tools made from jade green stone having a rolling end which can be used as a massager for the face and neck, considered one of the top glowing secrets


The Jade Roller is, at its core, a massaging tool. This means that you can use it to massage and stimulate your face and your skin before or after applying your preferred skincare product. Apply a little bit of pressure as you roll the tool over the features of your face, especially in the upward direction to give your skin a bit of a lift against gravity. Rolling back and forth away from your nose towards the sides of your face and then upwards towards your ears and forehead helps you to improve circulation and detoxify. My honest skin care review for the Jade roller is that it  can lead to glowy skin if used regularly 

How to use a jade Roller | Beauty Reviews
Beauty Tips | How To Use A Jade Roller

Beauty tips | How to use a jade roller
Beauty tips for girls | How To Use A Jade Roller | Beauty Reviews


There are a number of different reasons why Jade Roller are recommended by so many skincare and beauty gurus and it is because not only do they look beautiful, but they are also incredibly useful and beneficial for your skin. Rolling the tool over your skin stimulates your underlying blood vessels and lymphatics, improving the circulation and enriching your complexion. The rolling action also helps to keep your  skin nice and tight, rolling out any wrinkles and reducing the chances of the appearance of any new ones. Not to mention the fact that it reduces any signs of inflammation or irritation on or under your skin, improving blood flow and decreasing any puffiness that might be present. The Jade Roller is also useful to eliminate any toxins, tighten your pores, and allow for better penetration of your skincare beauty products for maximum result and effect. If you are someone who has trouble with dark and persistent under eye circles, then a Jade Roller can help you in this regard too, healing the damage and soothing the skin to produce positive results. You can even try to refrigerate the stone beforehand to get that extra cool and calming effect!

Personally speaking, I have grown to love my Jade Roller and use it more than I am proud to admit. It is easy to use, fun and relaxing, actually has a number of benefits as mentioned above, so I don’t see any downside to this. Plus, it makes for a really nice and soothing face massage right before you are ready to snooze off and go to sleep! You will love waking up with healthy-looking skin

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  • Madison

    February 20, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    I loved this! I’ve been curious about these rollers. Great job and beautiful post!

    1. Beautyglowgetter

      February 26, 2019 at 9:14 pm

      Thank you Madison, I Have actually been using them for a while now and I really love it I feel like it is also a good destresser. I am glad you found the post helpful

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