Dubarry leather Boots – Totally worth investing In

BeautyglowgetterAugust 12, 2020

“Good shoes take you to good places.”

At first glance you may look at the price  of a pair of Dubarry boots and think,  my goodness why should I spend that amount of money on these boots. The design is classic and quite simple in terms of how I would describe the style. They are similar looking to other leather boots on the market that are at a much cheaper price. The difference is with the quality of the product. Having compared these to others I can definetly say you get what you pay for with these boots not only in quality but also in comfort. They are very well made, so the price is well worth the longevity.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Dubarry Boots:

  • First of all, they’re completely waterproof
  • This is the perfect boot for every season, from summer to winter  but also stylish, you can even wear this with a floral maxi if you wanted.
  • Optimal temperature regulation and transport of sweat.
  • Selected quality leather, impregnated.
  • DrySoft-DryFast™, watertight and beathable leather, very light
  • Duo compound sole. Rubber hard wearing, walking part combined with a PU intermediate sole for shock absorption and optimal comfort
  • Best of all this boot quality can last  up to 10 ten years or more


The boots combine durable watertightness and an optimal breathing capacity with insulation against the cold, making them ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities. Water and snow stay on the outside while sweat can escape out too. The insulating lining protects against the cold so these  boots are ideal for even winter spots  activities. I think that out of all the features I most appreciate the comfort of these boots. I have gone on long country walks in these boots and the comfort of the  rubber sole on my feet even after a 5 mile walk has been consistent.

Why I love them so much

The Dubarry Galway Boot is the original waterproof, breathable boot from Dubarry. I chose the colour Walnut as I feel I can wear it with pretty much anything.  Perfect for all purpose outdoor footwear for any weather but also stylish enough to work with most items in your wardrobe.  I think what  makes the boots  great all round is the  unique marriage of function, durability and fashion that has been a hallmark of  the Dubarry  brand since 1937. I wear them with everything and just love how stylish they are.

The boots come in 5 different stylish colours that are all easy to clean. Whether you are a country girl or city girl, these skillfully made boots are a worthy investment that will carry you through from year to year. There are not many other boots that can compete in terms of quality, lifespan and style.  Worth every penny.


Dubarry of Irelend – Galway  Country  Boot in – Walnut 


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