Hello Calm, Relaxing, and Hydrating Mask for glowing skin

BeautyglowgetterJanuary 5, 2019

Who would have thought weed would become one of the biggest beauty ingredient for glowing skin? Hold your horses, though. Before you run off to get high in hopes of waking up with skin as smooth as glass, you need to know something. It is the non-psycho-active cannabinoids from weed that used in beauty products and not the rest of its components.

There are 100+ different cannabinoids harvested in the Cannabis plant, most of which are present at very low levels. Odd as it is to imagine and digest the fact that cannabis can actually be used for something more than just getting high. In fact, you can use it to nourish and calm your skin with some incredible results to show for it.

If you were as perplexed as I was at first at the prospect of a skincare product whose main ingredient was weed, then let me reassure you. After having used the Origins Hello Calm mask on my own face, I can confidently say that it actually works! And you can rest assured knowing that while it will help you chill out and relax, it does not intoxicate you in any way at all.

What is the Hello, Calm Relaxing and Hydrating Mask?

Cannabis has been shown to exhibit skin soothing and relaxing effects. In addition to that, it even reduces any signs and underlying causes of inflammation or irritation. This product helps you to de-stress your senses by hydrating your skin. On that note, I must mention just how silky and smooth the texture of this mask is. It even locks in the moisture and smoothes it down giving it a gentle feel.

It is incredibly soft and creamy in between the fingers. And even after application on the face, the mask feels light, creamy and comfortable. It is so comfortable that I ended up leaving it on my face a little bit longer than the packaging asked and enjoyed every bonus minute!

The initial feeling is a relaxing coolness which settles down into a creamy texture which feels incredibly nourishing. I literally felt that this mask meets my hydration needs to the optimum. What’s more? It even replenishes the oil levels on my skin.

One of the best things about the Origins Hello, Calm Relaxing and Hydrating Mask is that it is plant derived in the truest sense. While it incorporates the use of cannabis, it also simultaneously avoids the use of certain chemicals and animal ingredients.

This product completely shuns any ingredients that either harm your skin more than they benefit or are not cruelty-free. The end product is a cannabis-infused mask that is as natural a remedy for your skin as possible as well as the most effective in the long run.

What are the benefits of this Hydrating Mask?

Apart from cannabis sativa seed oil, this mask also incorporates omega-6 and omega-3 acids to induce glowing skin. It imparts the required nutrition it needs to stay in its healthiest state to keep your skin feeling super soft and smooth.

I would immediately start feeling the positive effects of the mask after one or two applications. In addition to that, I could notice visible changes in my skin by the end of the week. My skin felt and looked noticeably fresher and healthier than before in every possible manner.

Also, this mask works wonders in easing the tension on my face. In fact, I had an overall feeling of comfort and relaxation. This contributed highly to the general vibrancy and radiance of my glowing skin. These results are consistent with the reviews of hundreds of other people who have tried this mask and have only praises to rave about it.

I definitely recommend you check this out. Especially if you are a busy bee and you constantly feel tired, fatigued, and less energized than normal, this product is just for you. It can act as the perfect platform to kick start you off once again in the right direction to obtain glowing and bright skin.


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