Love At First Plank: [Solidcore] Pilates Redefined

BeautyglowgetterMay 2, 2019

From the moment I walked into the [solidcore] studio I knew this was something I was going to fall in love with. I was of course nervous, worried I would not be able to hack it. A few friends had already told me it was going to be tough and that I would most definitely feel the soreness for a few days after the 50 minute session but still I felt like the benefits outweighed the soreness.

I am not going to be pretend this class is not a big challenge.You most likely have never done anything like it. The coaches keep it fast paced but with slow low impact movements. It may sound contradictory but it gives a really good balance. The buzz you get after is like no other. You feel so much more stronger and so proud you were able to make it through such a demanding workout. The first 10 minutes of the class will feel like a shock to your system, working every muscle there is in slow controlled movements, so intense but so motivating. Seeing how far you can push your body through high intensity concentrated movement will cause a burst of endorphins, leaving you with the most euphoric feeling.

This class is centred around a machine the [solidcore] founders designed and coined the Sweatlana; which is a resistance based sliding machine that enables you to concentrate rolling and constant tension on isolated muscle groups.There are only fifteen in each class which is great as it allows the coach to move around and check on everyone’s position and form. Each session consists of a variety of exercises that will work to strengthen and tone your whole body. My inner  thighs were shaking like jelly but at the same time it was the most powerful I had ever felt. The very slow but intense movements will burn like you could never imagine amidst a vibe in the class that is unbeatable.I challenged my body through this 50 minute workout class like never before. Don’t worry if you need to modify and take breaks you the coaches are right by your side making sure you are not going overboard.

So if you are ready to experience the workout of a lifetime the what are you waiting for? Get ready to feel empowered.

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