Luxury Candles at an Affordable Price- Female Owned Start Ups.

BeautyglowgetterNovember 9, 2020

So before  we started lockdown, I used to light  candles a few times a week; during the occasional bath , to cover up a smell from the kitchen  when a receipe goes umm… wrong , or because family were coming over and I wanted my house  to smell  and feel cosy. But now I am using them all the time, even during the day just to add a little more of a feel good  atmosphere whilst I am working. What better way to bring warmth to your home than with a beautiful scented candle? Whether you’re thinking ahead to cosy winter-scentedfragrances , looking for a gift for christmas, or hoping to find a fragrance that will help you relax while working from home, a soothing scented candle makes everything  feel a little brighter. Of course, you can always pop into your local body shop , Boots or Aldi  to pick up a variety of candles this christmas and that’s great! But why not take an extra step during these trying times of 2020 and support female owned,sustainable and affordable brands that are trying to make a difference! These three  brands, The Box Of, 1 ofSeven, and Roja and Co, have candles from oat milk in reusable decorative jars, to luxury picks with strong, long-lasting smells, to an affordable option that evokes an actual fig, these are some of the best scented candles and brands for your home.

The Box Of ( ).
“In 2017 founder sisters Rochelle and Shana launched The Box Of and now Goodspace
Delivered on a mission to do something about the daily western struggle to find time to
deeply care for oneself and others” (The Box of). These sisters decided to create a start
up candle business to capture your every mood into a candle. A candle that will bring
you a token of care and deserved  me time indulgence. How can we capture a cosy, warm feeling
you get, when walk into your house after a long day? Or the feeling you get after getting through an
overdue work  task?  By simply associating it with an uplifting candle.

Loved- A Rose & Vanilla Strawberry Champagne candle
“Good things happen when you treat yourself right” Said the founders, and they stuck
by that belief! “The Box Of & Goodspace are containers of all things and thoughts that
flow from empathy and simple delightful experiences.” The burn time is up to 30 – 40
hours approx. Unlike paraffin waxes the candle surface will have an authentic textured
appearance. This candle is made from Natural Organic Soy and Essential Oils. This
candle has sweet notes of Strawberry & Champagne.

Roja & Co.
Roja and Company is a small female owned brand based in scotland. They specialise in
the feeling of luxury while holding up values and ethics. All their products are
sustainably made and recycled. “We want to bring you something different and we
promise that everything we do is carefully curated and handmade”  – Roja & Co. I don’t
know what more I can ask for than a company that holds itself to such real values!

Chesterfield Candle- A Cigar Room
Chesterfield Candle
“Be transported to a cigar room in the 1920’s: an abundance of opulence” Roja & Co
continues to describe this candle as, “a rich heady scent with top notes of ginger and
guaiac wood.” This candle makes me feel refined and elegant on every level. I just want make a cocktail
sit in my living room in an silk  robe, wearing my favourite matte red lipstick for as long as this candle is burning. It is just fabulous.The
burn time is 45 hours approx and made on a base of tobacco leaf, woods, leather and
vanilla. And don’t worry none of the scents are over powering. They are all formulated to  produce beautifully subtle scents.  I also loved the Smoked Honey scent.

1 Of Seven.
Braid the founder of 1 of Seven candles  is like many  of us, she has had her  fair share of anxiety and
with her background in skincare and self care, she decided to make a change and turn to creating candles
to soothe her mood and others. “How (candles) change your mood, creates a safe, calm
space where the mind can heal is very important and personal to me” says Braid on her
website, “The softly flickering flame from the cotton ribbon wicks we use creates a
stunning scene, or even as great props for that aesthetically beautiful picture capture!” I
checked out this website and the first thing I  noticed was her loving words! Each candle
is marked with a word like, encourage, grounded, passion. Reading these labels makes
me want to be a more grounded person!

This beautiful wild fig candle comes highly recommended and with a title like
“Encourage” during the times of Covid, I can see why its so loved. The burn time is 33
hours approx. This scented candle is made with hand poured soy wax mixed with wild
fig scented oil made from natural sources. The smell is of Pink Freesia, Eucalyptus, and
Tonka. These candles are made in small batches to maintain purity and I am in love.

So go ahead treat yourself or someone else to one of these brand’s candles,  besides we all know you  can never go wrong with a candle as a gift.


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