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BeautyglowgetterMarch 23, 2019

The last time I tried to buy a pack of press on nails was about 10 years ago, and the experience of trying to stick them onto my nails was not a pleasant one to say the least. I just remember the glue being awful, hot, sticky and just a general mess. I gave up on applying them after  the first hand as it was a bit too much of a struggle with the stinging glue on my fingers.

As you can imagine it was not on my radar to use  them again but lately, more and more I noticed a few of my favorite youtubers were often mentioning that they used press on nails for a quick salon like manicure results. I then read an article in Instyle magazine that mentioned Jennifer Lopez’s  manicurist  used press on’ s on her nails for  red carpet events all the time. This explains why her nails looks so perfect all the time.

I started to do my research and I found the most popular affordable drugstore options were from the brands Impress and Kiss ranging from £4 – £7.00 I thought to myself,  if this works then it will save me so much time and money and  I have always found it a bit tiresome sitting in the nail salon.

The Results 

Amaazzzinggg!! salon looking nails in no time!  I was so pleased with  how easy it was to apply these nails onto my fingers in one simple step.I literally just had to remove the plastic tab attached to the false nail and just press it onto my own nails.  I wanted to make sure to protect my nail bed so I used the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base Coat first and voila perfectly manicured nails.

For me personally it has mainly been more pros than cons using these, they are so affordable, look really professional and with spring in full swing you can risk trying different styles without the commitment and cost of a salon applied full set.

The only cons I would say would be that they only lasted 7 days, and if you do not remove these carefully you can harm your own natural nails. Apart from that I am sold and can’t wait to try all the different styles available.


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