Paint and Sip Class – A Lesson in Going with the Flow

BeautyglowgetterMay 8, 2020

For someone who was  never really any good at art in school, the thought of creating a beautiful painting I could then take home with me and be proud off – all in the space of two hours seemed a bit of a stretch. Fun? To me it sounded more like two hours of  white canvas anxiety, no exaggeration I am really that bad at painting. The first thing I thought of when I was initially told NO artistic talent was required for this class was yeah right. I had noticed these paint and sip classes getting more popular, and even had an advert pop up on my instagram feed, but it just didnt seem like my kind of thing.

My husband is one of those really annoying people, who is not only academically gifted but he also has an artistic personality. He is great at creating new things and I knew this class was going to be a breeze for him. He was keen on trying the class out, and I was persuaded by the prospect of being able to sip a glass or two of Merlot throughout the session. I could have a laugh and possibly explore my artistic abilitities or lack off. We booked the session online and had the opportunity to pick the painiting we would like to try out. I went for the one that looked the least intimidating of course.

When we arrived, we were told we had two glasses of wine all included in the 2 hour session price. The playlist for that evening’s background music would be the latest RnB hits, to classic indie but any requests were welcome. After taking our coats off and getting our drinks we were handed aprons and shown the room we would be in. Seeing the blank canvases set up and the image of the painting we would be following, made me wonder how on earth I was going to achieve this so called perfect finish. I just laughed to myself and took a sip of my wine as we waited for the instrustor and all the attendees to settle in.

The class began and the instructor, a trained artist, was brilliant at making us all laugh and telling us when we looked too serious. He was right, and as he gave us step by step instructions on how to create the painiting I found myself loosening up and enjoying it very much… I actually surprised myself. The music was great and the wine probably helped a little bit too. I found the experience totally relaxing. The atmosphere was light and fun when I looked around I could a see a mix of couples, a son attending with his mum a group of girls celebrating a birthaday and an elderly lady with her grandaughter.

As the session proceeded the more relaxed the atmosphere was, the instructor came around each of us offering tips and encouragement whilst music from the Supremes to Prince and Bruno Mars played in the background. Everyone seemed able to follow the instructors steps myself included, and if you needed a little extra help he was right there to help you.  Although I am not a great painter I had such a fun night.

I would definitely return to this class and encourage you to try it out even if you feel like the worst painter in world. You are most likely going to surprise yourself and learn painting is not as complicated as you might think it is.

As they say when you just go with the flow, everything even new activities that can seem intimidating are so much more chilled out than you you thought.

Happy Painting


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