Self Reflection tips to help you reach your goals

BeautyglowgetterMarch 27, 2019

We all have dreams and goals we would love to achieve this year and most of us try reach them through making  short to long term goals. Staying focused on our goals is not always easy and life in general can get very hectic. It is one thing getting motivated but staying motivated is not always going to be something that comes easy.  It is important to find a way to keep yourself focused and encouraged to push through even when you just don’t feel like doing so. Whether it is a career goal, or simply motivation to work out everyday. If you have the right techniques and tips to help you keep your spirits high throughout the process you are more likely to reach your goals. Here are some of the tips  I have use to help me get an extra boost of motivation when I feel demotivated.

  1. Visualize The End Result:

I love to take time out to just daydream, daydreaming is often seen in a negative light but picturing myself as the person who has already achieved the goal I want to achieve gets me excited and  refocused. Your imagination has a strong impact on your willpower. Whenever you feel low, imagine the way you will feel, behave and look  after achieving your goal. Visualizing your future self is a great source of motivation.

  1. Have  Motivating Company :

Surround yourself with people who can motivate you towards your goals. If you do not have anyone in your life to do this you can find this through reading self help books or listening to encouraging podcasts or speeches on Youtube. Having  positive company around you even if it is through a motivational podcast, will  increase your efficiency and make you proficient in performing your tasks. Good friends and mentors will help you stay productive and motivated.

  1. Consistency :

Consistency in the work you need to do to reach your goal  is an important factor. If you are working to change your lifestyle to be a healthier person and focus on more self care, you won’t ever achieve this if you are not consistent enough. If that means you need to be in the gym everyday for 30 minutes then make a commitment to yourself  not anyone else that you will do so. Once you are committed to yourself you will find that with consistency you will work at a higher level than you ever thought you were capable of doing.


  1.  Self Analysis :

Keeping a check on your progress  and calculating how near or far you are towards reaching  your goal on a monthly basis will help to motivate you to do more and keep you encouraged when you see how far you are coming along.

  1. Breaking Goals into smaller sections :

If you have a big long-term goal to achieve you should break it down into small sections. Taking one step at a time. This way you won’t be overcome by overwhelm or imposter syndrome. Breaking down your goal into smaller targets  is a  common piece of advice we hear from successful people often and it works!

  1. Always remember your WHY  :

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or weighed down about all the work you have to do to achieve your dreams, you should remind yourself why you initiated going for it in  the first place. What reaching your goal will not only do for yourself but also how it will also impact the people you love and care about. The clearer your WHY is the more motivated and focused you will find yourself.

  1. Diminishing Fear :

To feel the fear and do what you need to do anyway has a lot to do with self love, loving yourself enough to go for what you know you are meant to be doing and what will make you happier. Letting go of  the” what will people say or what if I fail mind set”  and realising the only perspective that is important is the one you will  have of yourself if you don’t go for your dreams.

  1. Stop Comparing :

The common misconception people have is that they must compete with others. When in reality you are your biggest competition. Always compete with yourself, if you have made a commitment to yourself to reach your goals without fail then you only have one person to prove yourself to that is you.

  1. Imperfection is a norm:

Accepting  that you going to make mistakes throughout this  process and letting go of the idea of  doing everything perfectly will help you come to terms with the fact that dreams will come with a lot of hard work and failure before you reach them.  Make sure to stand up again whenever you fall remember your commitment to yourself, this way you will be ready to face whatever setbacks that may ahead of you.

Without motivational support and self love, working on your goals will become tiresome and difficult. Keeping yourself focused and consistent will be hard if you don’t keep the right mindset. Remember your commitment to yourself and always keep your WHY  at the forefront of your mind. Your other skills and natural abilities will get polished eventually by following these tips. Always remeber not to ignore self care.


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