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BeautyglowgetterJanuary 5, 2019

Skin that is uneven and dull  is one of the major challenges faced when it comes to skin concerns. It is one of the highest level of complaints I get asked about as an online skin care live chat advisor. 

Everyone wants a clear, healthy looking skin. It can be quite difficult to know what brands to rely on with there being so many on the market. You never quite know what brands work and what brands can actually be trusted to formulate their products with high performing ingredients. I have used so many different skin care brands over the years but there is one I always stick to whenever my skin needs a boost. Year after year this brand and its brightening skin care range have never failed to help my skin back to its most healthy looking state. It is the one brand I have to say I tell my friends and family the most about.  Their skin care is plant derived and you actually  see visible results. This range has helped my skin leaps and bounds. 

As someone who has gone through my fair share of acne in the past you would think I would know better than to mess with my skin when I have breakouts. A few months ago I had a nasty breakout that left some scarring on my forehead and a massive dark spot in between my eyebrows. I know I am partly to blame as I find it so difficult to leave well alone and not touch my skin when I am having a breakout. Thank God for Origins Ginzing Range. I got back on my daily routine with range and my skin and scarring improved so much. In particular their Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturiser has been most effective. This is my saving grace when it comes to clearing and brightening my skin. I literally put it on before I go to bed at times and I feel like I wake up with new skin. 

It doesn’t clear all my acne scars overnight, but it really works to give my skin this healthy looking glow. Over a 4 week period my scarring seems to fade and my skin looks smoother and clearer. I always recommend this range to anyone that just needs a moisturiser that does what it says it will do on the pot with a very reasonable price range.

Depending on your skin type there is the Gel moisturiser which is lightweight but hydrating if you have oily skin you will love the feel of this on your skin. I would also recommend it to people that have acne prone skin. It has never aggravated my skin in anyway whilst going through breakouts. The other version of this is the Ginzing Ultra Hydrating Energy Boosting Cream, this is ideal for very dry skin that needs a bit more hydration. 

How to get glowing skin naturally | Origins Ginzing Brightening Skin Care  Review
skin care tips | Origins Ginzing Brightening Skin Care Review

In just 3 months of using the face cleansing scrub, moisturizer, mask and eye cream my skin dramatically changed. A whole lot of improvements were seen on the same skin I had almost lost hope in for a good second.  My skin always feels new when I use this range  and because results speak better than explanations, I recommend these products.


It is a 2 in 1 scrub cleanser fortified with radiance-boosting Panax Ginseng and energizing Coffee Beans. The Natural Jojoba and Carnauba Wax contained in it gently exfoliate the skin to help unclog pores. Your skin will look smoother, brighter, feeling perfectly refreshed after usage. Additionally, the uplifting aroma of Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint perks you up so you’re ready to face the day! You only have to gently massage into wet skin in circular motions while avoiding eye area. Then rinse thoroughly after 10-20minutes. It is gentle enough for daily use.


This one is more than just any face moisturizer . The lightweight, oil-free, energizing moisturizer instantly hydrates & revs up radiance with Panax Ginseng & Coffee Bean among the other skin care active ingredients for a refreshed, healthy and vibrant skin result. Following serum, it is to be applied liberally to skin day and night as a daily moisturizer, or as needed during the day as an instant skin refresher.
Origins GinZing Peel-off Mask

According to Origins, the Ginzing Peel-off mask is for instantly energizing and lifting dullness from tired skin. The active ingredients contained in it, Ginseng is known for its ability to strengthen the body and boost immunity. Another active ingredient contained is the Caffeine derived from coffee beans which is a natural anti-irritant that instantly helps you look refreshed! I recommend usage for about 2 times a week. Avoid if you have any irritation, broken skin or sunburn till skin is healed. It is suitable for everyone except dry and too sensitive skin. 

Now, no matter what you do, always remember that a healthy skin reflect a healthy living. Pay attention to what you eat and what you expose your skin to. It is not enough to save up money to purchase products. Regular usage gives the faster and stable results too.

Stay beautiful, stay hearty!

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Origins Ginzing Brightening Skin Care Review

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