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BeautyglowgetterNovember 5, 2019

Healthy, clear and glowing skin is the one thing that I find I am most asked about as an online skin  care consultant. It is always a good confidence booster for most people when their skin looks clear and naturally radiant. I was recently watching the Emmy’s on TV,  some of the celebrities had began to arrive onto the red carpet to be interviewed. They all had this healthy glow to their skin.  Of course a lot of it had to do with makeup sure, but the glow also looked really natural rather than it be being the latest beaming new highlighter.

The clarity and glow in their skin has a lot to do with effort put into a good skin care regime and diet. To achieve  skin that is radiant and healthy looking a  hero skin care product is a must. Even people who have been blessed with  naturally clear and  radiant skin, need high performing products to keep it up.  That is were the Clinique iD custom blend hydrator fatigue comes in as a glowing skin secret. Gentle and light weight on the skin this product promises to help you achieve that healthy looking glow, whilst zapping away any dullness on the skin. Clinique iD basically allows you to  create your own custom moisturiser depending on your skin type and its needs. Simply put it is one of the best products Clinique have produced in a long time.

As a fan of Clinique products and someone who has always viewed the brand as a trailblazer  when it comes to effective skin care,I was pretty excited to try this product to say the least, leading to this  skin care review.  With the Clinique iD you get to choose a base moisturiser The Dramatically Different Gel/lotion or hydrating jelly. You also get to choose a cartridge to add to your moisturizer base depending on the needs and concerns of your skin. I chose the Fatigue as it is developed to brighten the skin. there also options for sensitive skin, anti aging and uneven skin tone. 


 This fatigue  hydrator is such a trailblazer in my opinion because the idea of being able to customise your moisturser to suit your skin is a win win for all skin types.  It is free from parabens, phthalates, and fragrance and as  with all other Clinique products it is thoroughly vetted through a full suite of tests to help ensure your skin’s safety.

I love the results of this moisturiser and would encourage anyone looking to revive their skin and regain  glow in their skin whilst adding energy to use the it. The custom-blend hydrator fatigue gives you the power to hydrate your  skin in a way that suits its needs and it is super easy to use. Now,  if you already have the Dramatically Different Jelly/lotion or hydrating gel you will need to get a new base as the cartridge will only fit into the new bottles. I thought I would be able to somehow push in the cartridge to the DDM jelly I  had but alas it is a different shaped top. I also did find I got through the cartridge quicker than I did the actual Dramatically Different Moisturiser. The combination of the hydrator and cartridge will last up to 12 weeks. The great new is that the remaining DDM can be used to give the same results as the hydrator on its own

To create your own custom moisturiser:

• Unscrew cap on Hydration Base.

• Insert your Active Cartridge Concentrate.

• Now the system is freshly combined for optimized performance with every use.

How to use Clinique ID custom-blend hydrator fatigue:

• Use in the morning and night (twice a day).

• Apply to face and throat, or where needed.

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