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BeautyglowgetterAugust 31, 2021

Icon Flare I am not sure how this happened but  at the begining of this year I began to go off skinny jeans, they had long been a staple in my wardrobe. Out of  the 10 pairs of jeans I owned only two of them were not skinny. I still held onto a few pairs as the year went on, then as summer arrived I somehow had some sort of a switch. Instead of  jeans that showed a skinny silouette I started to look for jeans that felt more comfortable, relaxed and were easy  to put on. I wanted to go for loose fit or more so of  a flare style.

New Found Love – Pilcro Jeans 

Despite being an avid shopper at Anthropologie over the past 4 years, I somehow never got round to buying jeans from them, I struggle with finding the right fit for my body shape. I did not think I would find a fit I would like from Anthropologie because I always saw it as more of a dress and skirt shop for me. Little did I know how much I was missing out.

I decided to go for three new styles

The Ultra High Rise  Wide Leg Jeans

These are a high rise style which is my favourite style to go for with my shape as I have more booty than waist so I have to be careful to avoid the dreaded gap at the back. The abbreviated inseam these have gives you a chance to show off your favorite footwear – think booties, clogs, and everything in between.

Comes in Plus size too

Pilcro The Icon Flare Jeans

I love this colour so much! I am will be wearing these jeans all throughout Autumn. As someone who loves all things 70’s I was inspired by these flares. The fit was perfect and I love that the shape made my legs look longer.  Icon Flare

Pilcro the Anne Wide Leg Jeans

I was a bit weary about trying this style I never go for a fit this loose and the first thing I thought was these jeans would make me look short and  frumpy. I was so wrong this is my favourite pair out of the three. It was so comfy and I love how modern it looks. I also enjoy dressing these jeans up with heels and a blazer.

Ultra Wide Leg

With a wide range of sizes and styles  I think I have definitely found a new love, I can’t wait to grow my collection for years to come.

Happy Shopping !


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